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Suzanne Harden

   Suzanne Harden has been painting scenes from Maine's rugged coastline since her arrival in the state in the fall of 1994. Before moving to Maine, Harden owned her own interior decorating and faux painting business in Ohio. Her artistic interest shifted upon seeing the multitude of picturesque landscapes Maine had to offer. A learning friendship with renowned Maine artist Chip Chadbourne and several oil painting classes cultivated Harden's talent into what it is today, resulting in the colorful, vibrant and energetic paintings that can be seen in the gallery. In addition, example's of the artist's work can be seen in several different settings outside the gallery. Her work was featured in the Summer 1999 issue of "Home Magazine", where it can be seen accenting the brightly colored interior of a traditional Maine vacation home. In 2000 Friends of the Portland Symphony Orchestra picked Harden to paint the program cover for the Designer's Show House. Harden's work can also be seen at Bayview Gallery in Brunswick, Maine.

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